It was time to rebuild this site.


Designing for yourself is hard. No deadlines. No constraints. Endless possibilities. And of course, striving for perfectionism.

Back in 2012 when I brought my site back to life, I purposely went as simple as possible: I chose a color scheme I liked, picked a font, and that's it. I didn't want to go with or deal with trendy design patterns that I'd hate four months later.

That aim for simplicity has remained for this rebuild. Except I pulled it back even further so that the focus was on the words and little else.

But the rebuild is also very much about the code underneath. This site runs on Craft and when I first built it, I was really inexperienced with Craft. Thanks to the leaps and bounds made in the software and our slow integration of it into our workflow at Block 81, I really have a good handling of it, especially for a simple site like this.

Part of the rebuild meant customizing how blog posts are put together a little bit – more of a magazine/editorial style though a lot less flashy. Basically it means I can have the core of each blog post styled ever so differently. It's not true magazine/editorial style, but it really sets it up that way – it's something that I truly love for its flexibility. (Unfortunately this post doesn't show that.)

Having that magazine style content meant changing up the fields that make up a blog post. The previous iteration of this site uses one field for text and inline images. This iteration is a bit more complex. So essentially, this became a new blog. Thanks to the flexibility of Craft though, the old blog posts are still easily accessible here.

Finally, circling back to the aim of focusing on words... I feel like I've neglected this blog for a bit despite constant thoughts circling around in my head that I need to get out. I hope that the rebuild will encourage me to write more. Maybe no one will read it <shrug> but I hope you do.