The wonderful world of video

We're almost half-way into 2017 and this is my first post of the year. Yeah, I'm slacking. And a lot has happened.

But you're in luck - it's not that kind of blog post! I figure if something is important enough, I'll write about it.

Like videos. Videos have become my newest hobby in the past couple months.

When I went to Mexico at the end of last year, I had flirted with the idea of recording enough footage and taking enough photos to put it all into a video. Well, that didn't happen. Mostly because with every attempt, I couldn't do what I wanted in the software I had at the time, and because my footage kinda sucked.

Fast-forward to April, prior to my trip to New Zealand. I started paying more attention to videos on YouTube. More specifically, I really paid attention to the vlogging genre. And there are three guys that have influenced me: Matt D. Smith (a designer I already admire), Casey Neistat, and Peter McKinnon. They each have their own style (particularly the last two). And they each use different setups. But I've learned quite a bit just from watching them and paying attention to editing details.

Now, I'm not a vlogger. I have yet to work up the nerve comfortability to point the camera at my face and talk about... well, anything really. And I'm not sure I will ever vlog. Mostly because I don't get out of the house (where I work from) a whole lot during the week. And who wants to see a video of Blanca and I going to the grocery store?! Boring.

But I digress.

I took my laptop to New Zealand and dove right into the world of editing videos and posting them on YouTube. I've had great feedback on them, and I'm stoked.

I've made several videos for that trip and a short one for a semi-random trip with Blanca out to Hood River. Just another way to share stuff with people. :)